The new Sicilian regional government plans to design a futuristic management centre in Palermo to house the regional offices

March 19, 2018

The project for the new Management Centre of the Region is back in vogue. A pharaonic work costing an estimated 300 million euros. The aim of the new regional government is to save as much as possible on rents and to bring all the departments together in one place.

The destination chosen is the current Regional Department of Territory and Environment, located in Via Ugo la Malfa in Palermo, as recently anticipated by the local newspaper "Giornale di Sicilia". According to the newspaper, the building will have three towers (twenty and thirty floors) that will replace the current buildings, with a total area of 85 thousand square meters, with offices for 4,250 employees.

"We are working on it - says the current councillor for economics Gaetano Armao - it is the solution to meet the needs of relocation of regional offices, as happened in Lombardy with the skyscraper of the Lombardy region. An initiative to rationalise costs in terms of resources, energy and travel".

The President of the Sicilian Government, Nello Musumeci - writes the Palermo newspaper - has entrusted the drafting of the preliminary project to the engineer Tuccio D'Urso, head of the Energy department. And the project is ready. Ambitious and expensive. The cost will be at least 280 million: 212 million for the offices and 70 million for the commercial part. Underground there will be three floors (45 thousand square meters): a parking lot of at least 1,500 cars for employees and the public offices and the regional archive.

The plan is so ambitious that it also provides for the creation of an educational centre including kindergarten, primary school and secondary school for the children of employees.

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